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Here at Traders Expert we’ve gathered a vibrant community of traders of various types, shapes and sizes. Amongst which some quite successful Professional Traders. So we went ahead and asked a small selected group of them to give us their top trading tips. Here’s what they said in a nutshell:


The best way to establish a successful trading methodology is to learn from the expertise of professional traders who have explored the financial markets for quite some time. Skillful trading is all about collecting insights from successful traders to get an idea of what you should focus on. Below are the top trading tips by professional traders.

Insights by Professional Traders

Establish your trading methodology

One of the top trading tips by professional traders is establishing a trading approach. A suitable trading methodology helps you analyze markets which is an integral part of trading. You have to be at par with day-to-day market changes and trends that last for months and even years. Again be authentic when it comes to establishing a trading plan.

Find an approach that works for you and not one that works for others. Note that if you are not comfortable with a specific trading plan, high chances are it will not be successful.

Create a good risk management strategy

Expert traders advise novice traders to establish a feasible risk management strategy before anything else. One of the easiest ways to manage trading risks is through a loss control order. It keeps you confined to a certain capital amount under normal financial market conditions. If you know the full risk, it is easy to predict if the profit potential is worth it.

Always trade on an amount that wouldn’t impact your investment if anything goes wrong or if your predictions weren’t correct. If you hit such a loss, you can admit you were wrong and take it without any frustrations.

Be realistic about your profits.

One of the top trading tips by professional traders is to be realistic about your profits. One of the mistakes novice traders make is having too many expectations that are not realistic. You cant always expect to make 50% profits every time you trade. Sometimes you lose, and you should learn how to take the losses. Trading is risky, and there is always a price to pay.

There will be moments when you only succeed in less than five trades out of ten—plan for the worst scenarios by keeping your expectations low. For instance, expect to win 20-40% of your trades. When you use such a strategy, you will be a happy trader as long as you achieve your expected profits.

Professional Traders share their realism on making profits

Be ready to lose

A master trader knows that sometimes they win, sometimes they lose and take it all. If you want to be a successful trader, you should be willing to take losses. At times you will experience a series of profits, but a series of losses can soon replace it. Although you should aim to make profits in the long term, do not be afraid to admit when you are wrong and take losses as they come. Only don’t risk what you cant afford to lose.

Take your time to analyze the markets.

Expert traders always spend most of their time analyzing the markets to determine the best time to trade. When it comes to trading, there are no shortcuts. Exploring the markets, including all the factors that affect financial markets, is fundamental to successful trading.

Professional Traders explain how to analyse markets

Manage your emotions

You also need to stick to your trading methodology and manage your emotions. Emotions don’t lead to the best decisions, and they can be very detrimental to your trading strategy. Build your trade on your strengths and not weaknesses, and plan ahead to always have remedy whenever you incur a loss.

Stay your course

One mistake inexperienced traders make is jumping from one trading strategy to another without taking the time to know if one works for them. As a smart trader, do not jump from one pattern to another or indicator to indicator. Stay your course and take the time to implement a specific strategy until you become a master at it.

Always be calm and wait for the opportune moment to invest. Note that you can never get frustrated more for missing an opportunity than incurring a loss.

Combine indicators

Be wise when selecting your technical analysis indicator. Although various indicators may seem similar, they serve different purposes and differ in quality. A good tip is to combine indicators. Note that in trading, successful seasons always alternate with seasons prone to losses. By combining indicators, you can avoid errors. You may find more about the various types of indicators in our extensive glossary section.

Professional Traders explain Technical indicators

The above trading tips by professional traders reveal the strategies you can use to become a successful trader. Establish a defined trading strategy and stick to a sensible risk management strategy.

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